In today’s global economy, the signs are acutely evident.

Organizations that understand human behavior, communicate effectively and navigate change successfully will significantly outperform competitors clinging to yesterday’s thinking and methodologies.

As a leader, now is the time to ask…

How are we doing when it comes to navigating change?

Do we have a culture that will make us relevant to our employees and customers?

What is missing in our leadership team and managers when it comes to influencing people?

What will be essential on a behavioral level for us to succeed in the next year?        Five years?  Twenty?

Have we already become obsolete – but don’t realize it yet?

Whatever your industry, profession or business niche, Syntax For Change can equip you to master change – not be trampled by it.

As recognized leaders in the syntax, or natural structure, of change, we specialize in industry-specific design and training modules that enable corporate cultures to collaborate well, communicate effectively, achieve influence and, best of all, thrive amid an environment of ongoing change.

Syntax For Change’s record is why leading executive officers, front-line managers, HR / OD professionals, coaches and consultants in America and overseas have integrated our training programs as part of their leadership development and internal change projects.

We are here to help you design a future workplace that actually works.

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To hear what others think about us…

I highly recommend Lucy Freedman’s “Influence” course, or any other opportunity you might create to work with Lucy!  She is a master of observing and improving human communications, including getting us in touch with our own inner messages that may influence how we perceive and interact with others in our work and family lives. The positive outcomes of taking Lucy’s course far exceeded my expectations.  Working with Lucy and fellow “Influence” classmates had a direct impact on my ability to significantly grow my business this year! — Therese Kollerer, CEO of Lexington Capital Management, Inc. 

Impressive and long-lasting impact! I am still applying SYNTAX methods and practices ten to fifteen years after learning them. -– Michael Eckhardt, Director, Chasm Institute

Brilliant methods for optimizing the performance of any professional group.

– R. Westerschulte, Project Manager, ScrumMaster, Internet Security