What is the change that you want to create?

Of course, you are serving the business goals of your enterprise, or there would be no need for HRD or OD services.

You bring your own vision to your job. Your vision is an important part of your organization’s path forward. You know this, and know that it isn’t always understood or integrated as it should be. Syntax provides the tools for you AND for your organization, from the overall culture to the executive suite, to realize the vision of organizational success with a thriving population of engaged contributors.

When the leaders in your organization seem to undermine the very goals they have set…

When new trainings or initiatives can’t seem to reach breakthrough momentum…

Or when drastic changes are implemented and you are informed, rather than being part of the decisions…

You are certainly not alone. ¬†And you don’t have to accept things as they are.


Whether you need to handle these classic HR / OD breakdowns, or if you have surpassed these and are partnering with the change leaders in your organization, your job is constantly about helping people make changes and deal with change.

Find the simplicity within the complexity with the Syntax for Change.




Syntax for Change

When you learn this syntax, you will probably recognize the implicate structure of natural self-organizing behavior.

Individuals have strengths in different areas of Syntax.

When all of them are brought out around the business processes that are represented in Balance, the organization is healthy, balanced, and able to respond to change.

When something is not working in performance or culture, Syntax for Change helps identify what’s needed.


WHY WE NEED THIS NOW: Yves Morieux makes the case for Syntax in this wonderful TED talk. View video (opens in new window).

Services provided by Syntax are

  • assessment of the organization’s functioning in the five aspects of Syntax and the array of results
  • executive coaching on balancing the organization and modeling behavior
  • consultation and design with HR / OD leaders
  • delivery of on-site and multimedia learning programs orchestrated to augment productivity as well as learning
  • reflective learning sessions to maximize the lasting benefit of Syntax in the culture