Syntax for Change serves leaders as well as the consultants and coaches who work with them. We offer direct knowledge and experience with behavior patterns exemplified by outstanding, humane, successful people. As successful as you already are, you can become signifcantly more “consciously competent” in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Coaching, Consulting, and Courses

For Leaders….

We offer a complimentary consultation so that we understand exactly what is going on in your organization now, how to apply strengths to reach goals, and to craft elegant and effective ways to support you and your team.

For Coaches and Consultants…

Syntax augments your existing skill sets and models, and because it is a model of excellence, it probably overlaps with some of what you have already learned in your career. When colleagues share the language of Syntax, or simply share their models of the world of change, we all keep learning. We offer access to our online Syntax for Change Community, with resources and ongoing updates, along with our regular blog posts with useful industry knowledge. In-person learning programs are scheduled several times a year for professional development, offering CCE credit for ICF coaches.


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