Developing yourself, your team, and your organization, to build capacity while delivering on your goals

Leadership is a journey, full of learning opportunities at every turn — if you take advantage of them. Too many leaders are like bulls in china shops, bumping into the furniture and breaking things, rather than developing harmonious and effective cultures where innovation and satisfaction prevail. Some think that the work of leadership is all about the business or technology.  The best leaders know the work is mostly about people.

We exhibit certain behaviors when we are brilliant collaborative leaders, behaviors that are missing when we are less effective. The Syntax for Change packages those behavioral capabilities into five categories of mastery that serve you, your co-workers, and your enterprise.

We believe in leadership for everyone. All it takes is initiative and stepping up. If you are in a formal leadership role or position, it is even more important for you to develop and model the behavior that encourages everyone else to lead as well.

This is an ongoing process. For a little daily dose of leadership wisdom, you may enjoy our online book of tweets, Leadership for Everyone. Feel free to retweet what you learn there!

We work with leaders at all levels to

  • Lead effectively from wherever you are
  • Be a role model and mentor for people who work with you
  • Build five core skills of the Syntax for Change into your own, and your organization’s, culture and practices

Before we begin working with you, we offer several ways to get acquainted and determine whether there’s a fit.

These include

  • one-on-one strategy sessions by appointment
  • open enrollment seminars for in-person learning
  • online learning programs

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