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Syntax Smart Leadership:
Strategy, Communication, and Influence Course

What if, in three days, you were able to gain robust tools for achieving the kind of influence you have always wanted?

And if you could learn to communicate so clearly, effectively, and congruently, that being on the same page with others was easy and effortless every time?

How much time could you save? How strong would your relationships at work be? How much more would your projects succeed?

What if you could model and teach this to others to help them grow and succeed?

The Syntax for Change system guides you through every skill and action you need, to go beyond where you are today, to reach the outcomes you want, more easily and quickly than you have imagined. Based on the behavior and beliefs of the most successful communicators, this will give you the secrets to unlock the potential of every situation.

Register below for this three-day leadership course — and invest in your future.

“Really enjoyed the experience. It was fun, challenging, and rewarding.”

– Chris Triolo, Respond Software

“Well-designed for good practice and absorption into everyday interactions.

– Jonelle Rdericks, Executive Coach

“SYNTAX is apparently buried deep in my brain now as I catch myself doing it naturally, from matching body language to listening with a different ear (which also requires one to hold still and let others talk further than one might think they need).

– KCM, Recent Participtan

Learn and Practice the

Five Powerful Skills of Extraordinary Influencers:



  • PLAN: Be clear on desired outcomes, essential to collaboration
  • LINK: Be influential in relationships, the heart of getting things done
  • BALANCE: Be successful at accomplishing results with others, know how to move the action forward
  • INFORM: Understand and be understood when it matters, saving time and stress every day
  • LEARN: Be responsive to feedback and to all the possibilities open to you, growing in competence and confidence

Who will benefit most from this program?

  • Executives dealing with rapid change
  • Internal or external experts who influence without authority
  • Coaches helping their clients with communication and influence
  • Professionals who want to gain personal power while maintaining authenticity

Course Leaders

Lucy Freedman, founder and CEO of Syntax for Change and co-author of Smart Work: The Syntax Guide to Influence, extracts the secrets of outstanding influencers and collaborators and makes them easily accessible through Syntax learning and coaching programs.

She draws from Neurolinguistic Programming, Conversations for Action, and Transactional Analysis, as well as her extensive experience as a corporate consultant and learning designer. She earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Harvard.

Diane Dean, Principal of The Learner’s Edge, LLC, and Master Certified Coach, spent ten years as head of Learning and Development for an international corporation.

In this role, Diane and the team created a leadership development culture where learning was supported from the highest level. She is qualified in Neurolinguistic Programming, the Keller Influence Indicator®, the Highlands Ability Battery, and the Birkman assessments. Diane works with all levels of leaders and learners, sometimes with horses!

Alice Mar Rocher, founder of Mea Crescendo, earned a Master’s in Adult Education and Human Resource Leadership Development from the University of Texas at Austin.

With over twenty years in management and consultant roles, she gained expertise in leadership, learning and development, facilitation, and coaching individuals and teams for high performance.  She is a Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming through the Association of Integrative Psychology.


Essential training for internal and external consultants and coaches, and all who recognize the importance of communication and influence for their success.

Next session: March 3-5,2020, Austin, TX (address provided on registration)

8:30 AM Sign In, 9 AM to 4:30 PM Course Hours. 12 Hours ICF CCE Credit.

$995 per person. Contact Us for group rates. Early registration until February 15: $795 per person.

Fee includes participant materials and two group follow-up calls. Upon completion, you will have access to the Syntax for Change private online learning group, to keep up with others who are using Syntax, to ask questions, and to post what you are learning.

SPACE IS LIMITED. When we receive your registration, we will send you all details and preparation suggestions.


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Registration has now closed for SYNTAX SCI Austin March 2020. Please contact us for information about the next occurence of the course.

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