SYNTAX Smart Leadership:
Communication and Influence


Communication is how you create the results in your life.

Influence is the ease with which you gain cooperation and make a difference as a leader.

Tell us, do you:

  • enjoy being at your “growing edge” and learning new skills?
  • enjoy building your mindfulness in relationship with others?
  • like to increase your understanding of human behavior?
  • love to get things done effectively and easily?
  • want to ensure that you are investing your time and energy in what is most meaningful for you?

Are you ready to be an influential communicator?

Come along with us on a journey of practical learning and discovery unlike anything else that’s out there.
Many education products offer you communication and influence techniques, and you can spend thousands on courses and coaching, or you can absorb the essence distilled from several leading-edge methodologies in one place, synthesized to provide you with easy, memorable learnings that you will incorporate immediately into your behavior.

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Syntax for Change

Syntax means structure: the underlying structure of influential communication. All the tools you need for successful influence are at your disposal in the new online Syntax course.

We not only reveal, but also practice, the five crucial skill sets embedded in our psyches and behavior.

Throughout the seven-module course, we help you strengthen and refine your clarity, motivation, and commitment to your purposes and goals.

The core of each of the seven modules is a 90-minute live training session.

Although recordings will be made available to registered participants for review, this is definitely a training to participate in live.

We encourage you to clear your calendar as much as possible and plan to spend additional time between sessions to gain the full value of this program. You can then count on others to be participating fully, creating a community of learning partners.

You will be using this material for many years to come, so the investment of time will pay you back many times over.

Included with the Program

  • Seven 90-minute live training sessions with breakout activities
  • A small group (also known as a triad) that stays together and checks in throughout the course. Optionally, your triad can meet between sessions.
  • A printable workbook with notes for each module.
  • All slides from each module emailed after the live training session.
  • Detailed practice and action plans to accompany each module.
  • A certificate of completion.
  • Access to the online Syntax Community and periodic reminders to help you practice key skills.


PDF or print copy of the Syntax textbook Smart Work: The Syntax Guide to Influence.

We are currently closed for enrollment

If you’d like to know when we open again for registration just enter your email address below.

Course Leaders

Alice Mar Rocher, brings over two decades in leadership and consultant roles with companies such as Teco Westinghouse, Emerson Process Management, and Gila Corporation to the Syntax team.

With an advanced degree and expertise in leadership, facilitation, and coaching for high performance, her mission is to help others perfect their communication style and leadership presence. As a Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming through the Association of Integrative Psychology, she shares her expertise so others can maximize and embody influence.

Melissa DeLuca is the founder and CEO of DeLuca & Willow, an integrated coaching and facilitation business. The vision for DeLuca & Willow is to empower
executives and teams to win in business and life.

Melissa leverages her 25 years of technology industry business experience with companies like Google and Cisco where she built and led successful global HR teams and was a Top 10 business salesperson. She designed, planned and executed over 50 large-scale organizational changes with quantified $MM business results.

Richard Haynes, MBA, PCC, CPC

Richard’s mission is to teach and help others to achieve their potential in life and to have fulfilment of their hopes, dreams and aspirations. He loves to see others shine with success that only happens by tapping into their own gifts and talents and truly moving forward with what they want in life. To help others do this he has an MBA, is a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming and has multiple professional coaching certifications that he uses in both coaching and training engagements. He has been intently studying coaching and influence for over a decade although he will tell you it is something that has fascinated him for his whole life.

Diane Dean is Principal of The Learner’s Edge, LLC, Master Certified Coach, Certified Global Team Coach, and spent ten years as head of Learning and Development for an international corporation.

In this role, Diane and the team created a leadership development culture where learning was supported from the highest level. She is qualified in Neurolinguistic Programming, the Leadership Circle Profile, the Highlands Ability Battery, and the Birkman Method assessments. Diane works with all levels of leaders and learners, sometimes through interacting with horses!

What previous participants have to say

“Really enjoyed the experience. It was fun, challenging, and rewarding.”

– Chris Triolo, Respond Software

“Well-designed for good practice and absorption into everyday interactions.

– Jonelle Rodericks, Executive Coach

“SYNTAX is apparently buried deep in my brain now as I catch myself doing it naturally, from matching body language to listening with a different ear (which also requires one to hold still and let others talk further than one might think they need).

– KCM, Recent Participant

We are currently closed for enrollment

If you’d like to know when we open again for registration just enter your email address below.

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