Living Beyond Script

8 weeks of support, discernment, encouragement, and personal growth led by Lucy Freedman, MAT, CTA, TAPI.

Is it time for a fresh perspective on your personal well-being as well as your ability to facilitate growth for others? Would you like to know and witness how other “advanced beginners” are handling life’s persistent questions? Could your relationships benefit from a tune-up? Are there any knots you’d like to untangle in the tapestry of your personal history, so that you can move on freely?

If so, please join me for an eight-week journey with a small group of fellow travelers, where we will:

  • Make the time for ourselves that we deserve, to reflect and deepen our self-knowledge
  • Identify leverage points for opening ourselves to a more fully satisfying life
  • Listen and absorb the emergent wisdom from a group of peers
  • Increase the depth and relevance of our work with others
  • Explore tools for living while addressing decisions, actions, and emotions in the present

How You Will Benefit

You will

  • Apply key ideas from transactional analysis and Syntax for Change to your life now
  • Crystallize insights to help with your top priorities
  • Feel the support of others with whom you can safely share your experience
  • Increase your ability to be authentic with the important people in your life
  • Act on commitments you make to yourself

Each session includes a warmup, reflection and intention-setting, a conceptual framework for insight, discussion, and action, progress check-ins, and relevant learning materials. We will create a space of acceptance, curiosity, and possibilities.

Participants are asked to attend every session; what happens here will not be captured in a recording for others to watch later. Only ongoing participants will have access to the recording if we so choose. If you cannot attend at least six times, we ask that you not enroll this time.

Anticipated topics:

Session 1. Contracting, Retrospective and Future Visions
Session 2. Life Script Inquiries
Session 3. Relationship Map
Session 4. Purpose and Meaning
Session 5. Making and Keeping Agreements
Session 6. Quality of Life Outcomes
Session 7. Crossing the Gap
Session 8. Celebration

Who and What Are Behind All This?

I’m Lucy Freedman, and I have been working with the concepts of Life Scripts and I’m OK – You’re OK for almost fifty years. I want to bring it all together to make life easier and more wonderful for others on the path.

In my twenties, I discovered transactional analysis (TA) and Eric Berne’s concept of life scripts. The tools for uncovering our early decisions and how we were living them out day to day led me into new awarenesses and new practices that freed me up a lot. Personal and professional development went hand in hand as I embarked idealistically on the journey of applying and sharing what I was learning.

In my thirties I learned neurolinguistic programming (NLP) along with TA and related disciplines, such as psychodrama, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, and coaching. NLP is a discipline for discerning the patterns that make a difference and learning how to learn them. This may sound abstract but it is the alphabet of how we create our human experiences on a moment-to-moment basis, from sensory experience to the mental and physical strategies we employ.

My career of working with organizations was based in behavioral NLP communication tools along with the powerful addition of what Fernando Flores called Speech Acts, how we can accomplish things in a direct and effective way. I designed and evolved the model now called Syntax for Change, making very practical distinctions easily available for people to empower themselves and work collaboratively. I co-authored the book Smart Work: The Syntax Guide to Influence, that went through multiple printings, reissued in paperback and ebook in 2012.

TA, NLP, Fernando Flores, and many other approaches to communication and change have enriched my journey. What is foremost now is to combine simplicity, presence, and skill, and “in service, give of what I have become.“ (from Stuart Wilde, “The Warrior’s Prayer”).

Thus, I offer a series of process groups organized around topics from multiple disciplines, grounded in transactional analysis.  While this is not a structured TA Practitioner program, the hours will count toward that certificate. People interested in TAP Certification are invited to speak with me about their current qualifications and goals, to see if we might enter into a TAP contract.

You can see an interview of me by Alexis Brink of USATAA here if you are interested.

To whomever is reading this:

Now that you have progressed this far, what is calling to you? If this might be right for you, let’s talk and see if there’s a match. Email me at to get the ball rolling.


Schedule: 9 to 10:45 AM Pacific on Tuesdays beginning November 9, 2021. This will take place online, with optional one-on-ones or small group meetings in between the weekly sessions,

Investment. $995 per person or payment plan of 4 payments, $1100 total, $275 each automatically charged. Early registration until October 27th: full pay $895.

Prerequisite: Previous study or training in transactional analysis, and / or proficiency in coaching, facilitating, personal development, or other healing and growth modalities. No specific knowledge is required; rather that you are advanced enough to access your beginner’s mind.

USATAA TA Practitioner trainees: If you have a training contract for a TAP or TAAP, check with your sponsor about whether these course hours will count. You can make an appointment to discuss TAP training with me. A structured TAP program is planned for early 2022. We determine together what level of training you have already taken and what is required for you to complete the certificate. (information on the TAP requirements is at

How to Apply: SPACE IS LIMITED. Please start your application by completing the form below indicating that your application is not yet approved. You’ll provide a brief description of what your intention would be in joining the group, a sentence or two about your background in personal development, and whether Tuesdays and Thursdays are ok for you. We will contact you about approval of your application.

When we receive your paid registration, we will send you all details and preparation suggestions.

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