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So much is happening around the globe as technology, demographics, and workflows evolve rapidly in an environment that has been named “VUCA” – meaning Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.

Syntax for Change continually culls insights from brilliant thinkers, practitioners, and communities. You will find some of these treasures here.

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Well Said: Blogs and Articles
Converting Problems into Opportunities Blog post I found insightful and relevant.


Mindfulness in the Workplace
We’ve found these approaches to mindfulness to be inspiring as well as practical.

The Presencing Institute and Otto Scharmer

Eileen Fisher Lifework

Wisdom 2.0 Conferences

The Future of Work
There are lively conversations and active experiments going on about organizational forms and collaborative practices. We’ll share links to those we find enlightening.

“Beyond Empowerment” TED Talk by Doug Kirkpatrick

Partners and Collaborators
A few of our outstanding colleagues and project partners…

Diane Dean, The Learner’s Edge

We have many collaborators, including those who participated in our Cultivating Change Master Class Series. Join the Syntax for Change Community to get access to selected programs in the series.

Websites and Professional Networks

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